About rude girl beauty

Rude Girl Beauty is a space that is intentionally for us. It is a discussion that is centered on and vitalized by women of color. It celebrates confidence in singularity, inspires stubbornness in identity, and heartens peculiarity. It is dedicated to facilitating an inclusive conversation that addresses real beauty concerns without the unnecessary part of making women feel insecure. It is a place for women of color who are looking for that small part of the beauty conversation that is intentionally for them. Rude Girl Beauty hopes to be a beauty blog that actually makes (all) women feel heard.


Most women are taught their entire lives to be obedient. To do what is asked of them, even if it makes them feel small. We are taught to hide our strength. We need to behave a certain way, look a certain way – even if it’s not authentic to us. We are told that above all, we need to be polite. Act like a lady, they say.

We no longer want to feel small. We no longer want to be polite. We are reclaiming rude.