Finding the Right Red Lipstick

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But the way the hyperpigmention around my mouth is set up, if I get a shade that’s just a tad too light, basically all you can see is the mustache above my lip. So I need some rich. red. pigments. I’m looooving the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in 206. It’s a deep red (but not too brown - it looks more brown in pictures online than it actually is). It really moisturizes your lips so you don’t get that dry, cracked look with color stuck in the lines.. you know what I mean. But I’m also going back and forth between liquid lipsticks that last longer - but dry out your lips - and ones that give you moisture but don’t last as long!! What’s your preference?? Let me know 👇🏾 I’m always in need of more lipstick 😏

Manasa ReddyComment